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Usually, a court or judge will order you to take a Virginia Driver Improvement course because you have received a traffic ticket or violation. By taking the course, you can reduce the fine, or get it dismissed entirely!

The DMV or Courts may also mandate that you take this course in order for you to obtain a license, or to prevent your license from being suspended, or in order to have it re-instated from a suspension. In these cases, you may be taking Driver Improvement even though you do not have a driver’s license.

You can also take this course voluntarily every 24 months to earn 5 safe driving points in order to improve your driving record.

Also, some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have completed a Virginia Driver Improvement Course. Check with yours to see if you might be able to save some money by taking this course!

Yes, it is! Our Virginia driver improvement course is state-approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Our course meets all the requirements for point and fine reduction, insurance discounts, and safe driving points in the state of Virginia.

Technically, ALL Virginia drivers are eligible to take this course once every 24 months to improve their driving record. But, you may also be ordered to complete a defensive driving course by the Virginia DMV. If this is the case, you will receive a notice in the mail mandating you to attend. You will also receive a referral at your court date.

Generally, in order to take this course, you must meet the following requirements:

You must hold a valid Virginia driver’s license.
(Or be mandated to take driver improvement by the courts or DMV to obtain or re-instate your license)
You have been cited for a minor moving violation.
You do not have any outstanding violations on your record, and your license has not been suspended or revoked.

If you still are unclear as to whether or not you qualify for traffic school, contact your court and request more information concerning your circumstances.

No. All Virginia residents are eligible for online driver improvement, however, you are only eligible to earn the 5 safe driver points for your driving record once every 2 years.

Virginia residents are eligible to voluntarily take a driver improvement course once every 24 months (2 years) in order to earn 5 safe driving points to improve their driving record.

If you are ordered by the courts or a judge to take defensive driving/ driver improvement to dismiss or reduce a fine, there is no limit to how often you can take the course, so long as the court/judge approves you to do so.

Nope! You can progress through the course at your own pace. Some students will even spread the course out over a few months. However, we do recommend you finish the course as soon as possible. The course can also be completed in as little as one day (8 hours).

The state of Virginia requires that the driver improvement program is a minimum of 8 hours. The EZ Drive Virginia Online Driver Improvement Course is EXACTLY 8 hours. However, how long you take to complete the course is entirely up to you!

The course is divided into 8 chapters that must be completed in order. Throughout the 8 chapters, you will learn about…

Alcohol- and drug-impaired driving
Aggressive Driving
Driving Emergencies
Highway safety
State Traffic Laws
Driving in Poor Weather
Sharing the Road
Defensive Driving Techniques
And more!

Yes, you do. You will need to pass the 50-question final exam with a score of 80% or better. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and if you are unsuccessful on your first attempt, you are allowed unlimited retakes. After the exam, you will be provided with all of the correct answers along with feedback in relation to the questions that were missed. So technically, you are guaranteed to pass… Eventually!

The only way to fail the course is by refusing to complete it. You are allowed to take all of the quizzes and the final exam as many times as you need to in order to pass it. On top of that, you will be coached on questions that you missed with constructive feedback and shown the correct answers. It is worth mentioning that you can only attempt the final exam once per day. So, while it is technically impossible to fail without quitting, it could take you a few more tries.

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